Community, Needs and problems

Some words from the front-line of youth work in Brixton

Ira Cambell and the team at the Marcus Lipton Centre in Angell Town, Brixton, London – are some of many people worldwide, striving tirelessly to work with youth and community issues in challenging situations.

Some article links below may prove illuminating and thought provoking.

The first was published in February this year following the tragic murder of Glendon Spence in the Marcus Lipton Centre, click the following link to access:

Two others from 2017 and 2018 discuss the divisions and pressures we see occurring relating to the ‘gentrification’ phenomen in an area like Brixton.

24 May 2018:

1st February 2017:

Another in Crack magazine discusses the UK drill music phenomenon and gentrification:

This excellent piece written by Ciaran Thapar, discusses the essential value of youth clubs and community centre’s to our poorer communities, wider society, and the role they can play in changing attitudes, and understanding the drivers of serious issues such as ‘knife crime’:

Another here by James Keith:

And a further article from the Centre for Public impact in 2017 on giving brixton youth a voice and real opportunities can be found here: