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KEYSTONE project video

A project video action put together at the start of the KEYSTONE Project in Stockwell – South London, by ‘Lankey Pockets’, Ben Fawcett – from the Stockwell Park Community Trust.

This short video uses old and new footage and imagery from Stockwell Park and Brixton’s Angell Town in South London, UK. Many thanks also to the Stockwell Park Community Trust and Brixton’s ‘Ebony Horse Club’ for use of video clips from their public film material, alongside new material filmed in Stockwell.

Interview audio of Julie Fawcett, manager of the Stockwell Park Community Trust, can be heard in the video – talking about service provision, how we deliver services to young people: trust, fairness and forgiveness.

 YouTube processing seems to have deleted on screen text that read:

“The Keystone Project: What’s broken and how do WE fix it?

Supporting young people in community labs in London, Lisbon, Perugia and Athens – to explore, develop and use their skills and creativity in their own communities to make a difference. Our lives, our voices, our communities, our future.

www.keystone-project.eu with the support of the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union”