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Imagery and powerful narrative – Eladia by Jordi Robert

Visual imagery may be used in an enormous number of ways to aid recall, story telling, group interactions and relationship building, as a research tool, educational or training aid and of course much more. Imagery has power to communicate and is an integral part of our cultural learning that has spanned the whole of human history.

The example here is an extremely powerful short film produced by Jordi Robert that communicates a touching, very emotive and personal story, whilst raising awareness and understanding of the realities and experience of dementia from more than one perspective, all in 3 minutes.

The feature video – Eladia – is narrated in Catalan with English subtitles.

Catalan narration with Spanish subtitles is available here: http://bit.ly/2XLHBxL

Hands on Media: www.hands-onmedia.com