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Brixton SCT Masks – A bunch of Egos

All-focus: We’ve been having some problems getting faces on camera! Some of the group at the SCT in Brixton made some masks as a solution. The masks then went on the wall at a Brixton art studio in Valentia Place in the: “A bunch of egos” exhibition. (Many thanks to Henry and the consortium of artists at Valentia Studios in Valentia Place, Brixton, London SW9 8PJ:

Split personality or a forwards and backwards view?

It’s fun making stuff, whilst we did, the group reflected on the core issues that have been discussed and that have come out of the sessions we’ve had together: Saving the world and world ecology, serious youth violence and knife crime, the ‘gang’ thing, drugs and alcohol, stop and search, the Police and the institutional views of ‘youth’, what can be done to help community, belonging and identity, poverty and feeding the homeless, female empowerment and equal opportunities, support, and meaningful opportunities. What lies beneath these issues and what we might be able to do about it.