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It’s so simple,

So basic,

Yet we lack it.

Interaction is nothing without it.

Unable to make a bond because the fact is,

We’ve missed the point.

The point that connects you and me,

And not just on a family tree;

That connects us all from A to Z,

And not just on eHarmony.




Where did it go?

Or did we even have it years ago?

Afraid to go on the right track,

Because we might get stabbed in the back.

Locking our doors and checking it twice,

Like we’re Santa Clause on a Christmas blight.

Putting a lock on our phone for protection,

Because your friends may use it as a weapon.

Hiding what belongs to us,

Because we lost our trust in all our lust.

But trusting each other is a must,

Because you cant spell TRUST without us.




A firm belief in the reliability,



Or strength in someone.

Can you think of anyone?

I am sure you can,

Maybe the one that holds your hand.

But for how long?

I’m sorry but it’s true,

People can back-stab you.

But this can change starting with you,

Because if you trust people,

They’ll trust you.

You may get hurt but at least you’ll live,

With your heart on your sleeve and something to give.


So let’s break this cycle of deceit and start this world anew.

It doesn’t start with them,

It starts with you.

Trust someone and you will see,

How great this world could be,

For you and me.

It’s not that hard so don’t make it be,

It’s only the fear of the possibility,

Of losing everything.

Don’t fear,



Extracted from The Community Trust – The Trust, UK