Planning and Delivering a Drug Information Workshop

The following extract is from ‘The Substance Use Peer Education Responses Manual’, compiled by Bernie Roe, linked here:


  • To help the participants identify the practical skills needed when planning a group presentation
  • To explore the different ways of presenting information
  • To encourage participants to use their own language in presenting information on drugs
  • This exercise can also be used for doing some foundation work on the building of confidence and self-esteem

Materials needed

  •  Health promotion leaflets
  •  Drug information booklets
  •  Newspaper articles
  •  Other drug related handouts or literature
  •  Slides and visual aids are also useful


  • Split the main group into a couple of small working groups.
  • Ask each group to focus on one aspect of drugs or drug use that they have an interest in and that they feel is relevant to their peer group.
  • The groups are then given time to research and gather information on their chosen topic.
  • They have to prepare a presentation using whatever skills and resources that are available within their working group.

As a group they must

  • Choose the most appropriate information
  • Agree on a presentation style
  • Co-operate
  • Listen to each other

When they are finished putting their presentation together, each group presents to the other members of the main group.

Questions for discussion

As a group explore the most important aspects of presenting information.

  • How important is adequate planning?
  • What are the most effective and least effective ways of getting your message across?


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